3DE Support & warranty Process

3D FIlament Resin FEP Essentials

3D Essentials is all about supplying you with the best quality consumables and products......Sometimes there are issues, our experienced helpdesk team is here to get you back on track.


You’ve purchased a printer or a 3D Essential product….now we want you to get the best out of it!

Supporting you post-purchase is a big priority for us. We want to ensure you are getting the best results possible from your 3D printer. Are you experiencing technical issues? Get in touch with 3D Essentials Support Team and we can help to resolve any problems.

Such as: Setting up your 3D Printer Resin and Filament settings/temperatures Upgrades we offer Software – Creality Slicer, Cura, OctoPrint, Pronterface etc.


Are you experiencing issues with your 3D printer or other 3D Essentials parts and this is during the warranty period?
Please contact us regarding any issues. Fill out the form and include details of what problem is occurring.

Items like beds, nozzles, LCD screens etc may not be covered as they are classified as a consumable item.

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