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3D Essentials is all about supplying you with the best quality consumables for all of your 3D Printing projects. Our goal is to provide everything you need to use your printer to print your projects from your digital files.

Founded in 2020, 3D Essentials (3DEssentials.com.au) is based in Sydney. Australia. We are a supplier of 3D Printing Consumables & products, such as filaments, resins & much more.

3DEssentials.com.au is for Hobbyists & Professionals, in all fields of activity such as industry, medicine, jewellery, architecture and design, research, etc. We would like to provide everyone with easy access to a wide range of 3D consumable products. As our name suggests, we believe that quality is essential! It is for this reason that our experts test our products before being put on sale, to certify their quality.

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For us, 3D printing means creation. It means innovation, possibility and imagination. Every day, in all aspects of what we all do, we see the potential and demand for 3D printing grow a little more—driven by people’s creativity and their ingenious ideas to make life a little easier and more fun.

Here at 3D Essentials, we believe there are far too many low-quality 3D filaments and resins out there. When some of your prints are ruined because of a poor quality product, it’s a waste of money and time. That’s why we decided to shake things up a bit and take 3D printing service and consumables to the next level.

At 3D Essentials, we are driven by the belief that 3D printing can change the way we do everyday things, and by our need to discover everything 3D printing can potentially do. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for the industry, and we are so excited to see what you’ll create next.
The main advantage of 3D technology is that it affects everyone, professionals, medical, industry, interior designer, jewellery, education, but also individuals. Everyone can produce or have printed the objects they want.

Please help us to help you! We thrive on your feedback. It helps us to improve our service and our range. We genuinely care, and we'll work hard to keep you happy.

We’re committed to ensuring you are happy with your 3D Essentials filament and resin. We understand that if you can rely on a good quality 3D Printing filament and 3D Printing resin that will produce accurate, durable prints – there’s no limit to what you can create. We stock a wide range of colours and if we don’t have the colour you’re looking for, let us know. We can attempt to source it for you.

We would also like to hear from you if you’ve made anything you’re incredibly proud of recently. Whether it’s aesthetically pleasing or an innovative little gadget to make life easier. We want to engage with the 3D printing community, the hobbyists, entrepreneurs or the just-for-fun printers and supply them a large range of the best 3D Printing consumables.

We can’t wait to see what you are creating!


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